It gives me immense pleasure in welcoming, on behalf of the Department of Electrical Engineering. The Department established in 2012, running UG program It has 08 years long history of technical education. Electrical engineers produced by this department have contributed to industrial development. The Department has well qualified staff. It presently has well equipped laboratories and excellent computational facilities. World class software like MATLAB, PSCAD, ETAP, MULTISIM, PSIM, Proteus, Lab view, MAGNET are available in the department to work on top-of-the line projects in various areas of electrical engineering. Some of these set ups are first-of-its-kind in the country. The department is always enthusiastic in conducting various courses and workshops for the faculty and students to permeate advances in technology. All undergraduate students thereby get full opportunity to participate in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities leading to a holistic personality development.

The department also has excellent testing facilities in the area of high voltage engineering and testing of rotating machines. The research activities of our faculty lead to an extraordinary enrichment of the experience of our students that is realized at undergraduate levels. The Center also builds on the existing excellence of the electrical and mechanical engineering programs and broadens the scope and expertise to meet the grand challenges in energy and environment.

Without manufacturing, ideas and postulates can hardly reach the epitome in engineering expeditions. One must appreciate the fact that the field of manufacturing genuinely encompasses almost Electrical engineering specializations. The entire globe has passionately delved into making milestones in manufacturing technology and hence it poses a challenge before us how to get into this tandem in India as well. Over the years, the Electrical Engineering Department has evolved to reach and hold a unique position of pride in the Technical Education System.